Manufacturing Heat Treat

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Position Details - Manufacturing Heat Treat
Manufacturing Heat Treat
Date Published
November 20, 2014
End Date
November 28, 2014
Wallingford , CT
Job Description
Manufacturing Heat Treat
Full-Time Positon Available - 2nd Shift
Holo-Krome Co., Wallingford, CT
The Fastenal Company would like to invite ambitious, hard-working individuals to apply for the position of Full-Time Manufacturing Heat Treat. Applicants should be able to bring new ideas and improvements to business practices; remain fair, respectful and moral in all situations; and work well both independently and as part of a team.
Since 1967 Fastenal has grown from a single store to nearly 2,700 locations, each providing tailored local inventory and personal service for our customers. As we've expanded across the world, we've retained a core belief in people and their ability to accomplish remarkable things - if given the opportunity. From this philosophy stems an entrepreneurial culture that challenges every employee to run their own business, create their own success, and rise up to become company leaders.
As a growth company with a solid financial position, that typically doubles in size every four to five years, we are committed to training, promoting from within, and creating opportunities for our employees. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are looking to make your mark as part of an elite growth company, you won't find a better fit than Fastenal.
Working Full-Time in Manufacturing Heat Treat, you will be responsible for performing operations to wash, harden, anneal, carburize, temper and quench a variety of products in atmospherically controlled Dow Furnaces and continuous furnaces.
The duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to:
o Obtaining work to be processed using forklift trucks from incoming lanes according to FIFO rules and Flow Leaders instructions.
o Checking products for proper part traceability (HWI 17).
o Segregating work by order and laboratory numbers.
o Determining sequence of lots to be processed by prescribed priorities.
o Weighing pans when required and recording data on production reports and daily management boards.
o Loading and spacing products accordingly.
o Setting time cycles according to size and product by adjusting time controls when operating Dow Line.
o Verifying proper instrumentation performance and atmosphere control.
o Ensuring required temperatures and atmosphere.
o Performing Rockwell test to ensure prescribed hardness.
o Verifying instrument set points to ensure proper temperature when operating tempering furnaces.
o Checking and regulating atmosphere control equipment when operating continuous furnaces.
o Setting time cycle according to size and product by setting conveyor and loader settings.
o Frequently checking operation at various points for jam-ups and improper functioning.
o Maintaining all quality documentation.
o Making cycle adjustments based on quench hardness as needed.
o Maintaining production records.
o Shutting down, purging, lighting up and preparing furnaces and auxiliary equipment as necessary (thorough knowledge of these procedures is required).
o Reacting to changes in incoming materials or process variations through established control plans or per team leader's instructions.
The skills and qualifications required for this position include:
o Ability to demonstrate Company values of Ambition, Innovation, Integrity, and Teamwork
o An excellent safety record
o Previous experience working with Dow and Continuous Furnaces in a manufacturing environment
o Previous experience working with chemicals
o Basic math skills including decimals and fractions
o Desire to continuously improve manufacturing process
o The ability to safely lift up to 75 lbs
o Ability to pass the required drug test (applicable in the US, Puerto Rico, and Guam ONLY)

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